A Peculiar Approach

It has been just over 8 weeks since I left Intuto crying, and singing and bleary, and my feet have barely touched the ground.  New systems, new people, new meaningless acronyms, new Ernest Adam slice flavours to taste test.  Busy Busy.  It can certainly get overwhelming.  If I could wish away some (most) of the paper work I would – you know I am trying.  Watch this space.  But I do get some room to be myself managing my team, which I do really appreciate.

Hence the “peculiar approach’ comment.  I sent one of my merchandisers a note thanking her for her hard work.  She put up a copy of the letter on our Private Facebook page.  (Finally worked out how to combine work and Facebook – kind of like how I did at Intuto – Ok at Intuto I just spent work time on Facebook)  She thanked me for the letter and said I have a peculiar approach.


I am sure she means great, she is Russian so it could be a translation thing 🙂


Maybe I do have a peculiar approach. Who writes letters anymore – weirdo.  But I do want my team to feel appreciated for the work they do.  Because I sure can’t merchandise the way they do.

So I think that I have finally realised my strength is cheer leading – without the flips and splits*.  And that it is ok to use that strength and in fact make it a key part of what I do.  What the hell, I am going to embrace the peculiar.  Isn’t that what getting to 50 should be about?


While this blog is on the topic of peculiar.  What about that Brexit thing?  When you have a result that close there are bound to be lots of very disappointed people.  Plenty of difficult and interesting things to sort out.  But I am sure that end of the day John Key will be feeling pretty relaxed about it, and his understanding is that it won’t make much impact to us here in New Zealand.  So nothing to see here people.  What about those All Blacks?

Finally I will share an awesome post by Janey Godley.  A Glaswegian comedian whose work I think is fabulous. She is pretty sweary, which personally I love, but I know not everyone goes for that – Mr Brett thinks Lauren and I are potty mouths and it’s true we are.  But Janey would make his eyes water.

Anyway she wrote a great piece on being a woman and getting to 50.  She is 1 or 2 years older than me. absolutely from my generation.  Although an upbringing in rural NZ is not quite the same as a Glaswegian slum.


*I mean I can give the flips and splits a go but it wouldn’t be pretty trust



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