Ok that isn’t that an unusual state for me at Casa Alberta.  But for the next couple of days we are looking after a brand spanking new milk trolley before I deliver it to my 2 awesome merchandisers in Huntly.


I don’t know if you have every tried to move around full crates of milk.  But trust me it is a heavy and tricky job.  So the girls are to be thrilled when I turn up with this bad boy – especially when I put some ribbons and bows on him 🙂  Can’t wait.

And that’s the thing, while in some ways my decision to leave Goodman Fielder was really easy – crossing off each week on the calendar on a Sunday night like it was a prison sentence, probably is a sign you aren’t in a good place.

In other ways it has been really hard, I have been able to meet and work with some fabulous people.  And in some very small ways I think I have been a ray of sunshine.

  • dishing out chocolates – check
  • of course it is fine that you have rung in sick at 7:30 am (melt down once the phone is hung up) – check
  • new uniform for everybody – check
  • inspirational health and safety training sessions – check.  Ok I made that up
  • delivering kick ass trolleys to Huntly – check

But my little light was getting burnt out – and there just wasn’t enough gin out there to keep it burning.

And then the Universe provided.  I am a bit wary of saying that because it reminds me of this great clip from Amy Schumer.

But maybe I am just extremely fortunate and I know some fabulous people.

My gym buddies Fionna and Helen, who really have been my inspiration for the last 3 years since I turned up at the gym and overweight and unfit blob, run this great company called Junk Run.  Check out the link, such an awesome company.

According to them what Junk Run just happens to need right now, is someone noisy, who can deal with all sorts of people, and who knows a little bit about the interweb. – to be fair the noisy thing isn’t actually in the job description, that is just an added special extra I provide.

The funny thing is, I have done a bit of referring for them anyway, because I really do believe in what they do.  And now I am going to be working for them.  Yay me.

But I can honestly say I would not be anywhere near as ready for this job, if I hadn’t done my time at Goodman Fielder, and learned so much.

So I think the universe might have provided – maybe a good reason to get trollied.



It was the best of times, it was the worst of times

Ok my 3 months at Goodman Fielder are not quite on par with the French Revolution.  But there has been despair, an extreme use of colourful language, and a profound wish to overthrow the existing order.  As well as meeting and interacting with some fabulous people, spending time in places I had never been before – Mangere Pak n Save chiller anyone?  And more up close and personal moments with Camembert and Brie than I ever had the right to.

Pippa illustrating my mood at times

But like bottles of gin in the McFred household, it all had to come to an end.  Ultimately it doesn’t matter how good the people are around you, if you are expected to be on call 7 days a week, something has got to give.  And that something was me.  So I’ve said enough already and in 6 weeks time I will start a new adventure.

But I have learned so much, it has really blown my mind

  • when you wear a high viz, you become part of a special group of people the high viz people.  We often get ignored or disregarded by better dressed people but we are awesome
  • the happiest Pak n Save is Manukau.  I love that store
  • best wine deals are at Pak n Save Pukekohe – don’t ask me how I know this.  Pak n Save Ormiston is pretty good too
  • Half Moon Bay Fresh Choice has the most amazing views and cheese selection.  For a small store it has an incredible range of products
  • New World Howick has the best custard slices – don’t ask me how I know this
  • Mangere Shopping Centre is not open on Sundays
  • it is amazing how helpful people are when you ring them crying on a Sunday afternoon – thanks Nath team
  • I know who the best bread contractors are in South Auckland – my interpretation of best is people who will help me when I ring crying on a Sunday afternoon
  • Vogels thick slice fruit toast is the bomb
  • everyone is happy to see their supervisor when she turns up with chocolate bars. Unless when you are not where you should be…
  • My friend Kerrie’s dog Pippa also likes my chocolate bars, but when she sneaks into my bag and eats 3 she doesn’t feel so good
  • I no longer require my extensive photo collection of store displays, Pak n Save ladders and safety hazards
A beautiful display from my extensive photo collection
PNS Ladder
And from the Pak n Save Ladder files – soon to be deleted
  • team lunches are essential – actually Team Intuto taught me that one
  • I can work hard, I might not be quite as slack as I make out
  • I love working with people, all sorts of people and that is what I need to keep doing
  • my husband, family and friends are amazing
  • my fellow supervisor and boss are super cool hard working women who deserve medals and wine and gin and chocolate
  • make the people you work with feel happy and valued and it will take you a long way, but ultimately if your senior leadership team does not value or even know what you do, you are just putting lipstick on a pig.  And I have got no time for that.  I am 50 and Fabulous Dammit. Vive la Revolution