Pride Festival Fabulousness

It may be of some surprise to my readers, but Brett and I have never been considered part of the “cool clique” (although according to Lauren, Brett is definitely moving towards dirty hipster status)  So to have a festival that celebrates being who you are, and living a good and happy life with friends and family – even if it isn’t necessarily what society expects is always going to appeal to us.

We have had a wonderful couple of weeks attending some of the performances that have been organised as part of the 2013 Pride Festival.  A celebration of Rainbow Culture and Community.  It has been a great experience, we have got to see some world class talent, felt what it like to be in the minority, and treated with absolute kindness and acceptance – even though we are weird old heterosexuals 🙂


We attended the Pride Gala last Friday night, thoroughly recommended and hopefully we will get to do it next year.  This gave us a taste of the acts that were performing over the next couple of weeks and we were so impressed that we ended up attending a few shows.  I have included the reviews where applicable because they describe what we saw in more detail than I can

  • Gobsmacked – Showbiz and Dating the super talented and gorgeous Jamie and Nikki singing and playing their hearts out.  They hope to get to the Edinburgh Festival this year and I really hope they do.
  • Kitsch In Synch  The gorgeous Ms Polly Filla,( who was kind enough to have his photo taken with Billie at the Big Gay Out), followed on after the Gobsmacked show.  I think that was pretty hard to be honest, as they were so good.  His show was a bit more uneven.  But it finished so powerfully there wasn’t a dry eye in the house. He also used some great Bea Arthur material.  I had no idea she was so funny.  Now I would normally never quote The Truth for anything.  But I must say this review by Amie was spot on.
  • The Johnnys.  I haven’t seen a review for the show we saw, but they were great.  An all girl band that just plays Johnny Cash songs.  They were a really tight and polished group, from their costumes, playing and singing.  I loved their version of Hurt and Folsom Prison Blues.  I expect if you regularly play gigs on the West Coast you learn how to work a crowd and they certainly do.  They come up to Auckland now and again to play, so next time I will have to take Mum and Lauren along.   They will love them. 
  • Maree Sheehan.  She performed at the Gala Evening and was so impressive we have bought her CD, which has been just released.  I mean how many performers combine hip hop and the Maori nose flute?  I hope her album sells really well as it is a great piece of work.  The article I am linking is well worth a read.  One part I found interesting is where she mentions that when her first album was released, her photo was lightened for the Australian market.  So she didn’t look so Maori.  Wow, I mean Wow. 

Good on you the Gay and Lesbian community and Auckland Council to putting the time and effort to creating this festival, which is more than just showing off Marching Boys and Dykes on Bikes – even though they are a lot of fun.  I wish it all success in the future and hope I get to write about it next year.

Just a couple of other observations, as I write this Lydia Ko is battling out with Jiyai Shin, for the Australian Open title.  I really hope Lydia wins, but whatever happens Lydia has already proved herself to be a world class competitor.  Mum remembers seeing her as an 8 year old.  She had just finished playing two matches at a junior inter-provinical tournament and then she went and played on the swings.  I am sure she won’t have time to play on the swings after this match, but isn’t that lovely.  And I hope all of those old bitches who hated playing with her at North Shore Golf Club, because she was too young and too good, are choking on their gins right now.  But no doubt they are all claiming they are partially responsible for her success.

While I write about stupid women, I must mention the woman who got very upset with Kerrie and I at the dog park (we thought it was off leash, but it wasn’t – so yes we were silly women ourselves)  But she got terribly upset because our killer Spoodle and Cavdoodle’s respectively ran up to her dog and made it pull on the leash, and hurt her sore arm.  Lady if you had just spoke to us nicely, instead of the dirty looks, and drama, you might have got a bit more sympathy.  And I am very sorry you are too broken down to take a Sydney Silkie for a walk without it hurting your arm but that really isn’t my problem.  (I know really you were just jealous we had the coolest looking dogs)

Richard Prosser the Tosser from Rangiora.  What can be said that hasn’t already been said.  But the man is an idiot.  I believe in MMP but when a red neck neanderthal can get into parliament with less than 600 votes, there is something not right there.

Valentines Day, every day is Natty Day at 7c Alberta, but it was very nice to get a gorgeous book about Banksy, just for being me on the 14th of Feb I must say.

And last but not least lots of birthday week love to little sister Julie.  She celebrated a birthday on Friday.  I don’t know if she wants everyone to know how old she is, but it is very disturbing having a younger sister who is 46, when I know I am in fact only 25.  Very confusing.  Equally confusing was looking through the window the other day and seeing this woman with white hair.  It was me, but once again how can that be if I am in fact only 25