Well… where do I start?  I suppose if you read this blog you will find out about me, my family, my friends and views on various things.

I like reading, writing, sleeping, talking, drinking, travel, eating and spending time with family and friends.  Not necessarily in that order.

I think the most attractive men are those that listen, like noisy women, strong and know how to make a house a home.

I wanted my daughter to grow up to be kind, have a sense of humour and know her own mind.  She has all that and great crazy hair as well.

Poodles are the best kind of dogs.

As I said I like drinking but sometimes it doesn’t like me.

My favourite places in the world are Aitutaki, Paris, Sydney and where ever Brett takes me (as long as it isn’t Levin)

I would be quite happy if I didn’t have to work for a living, but I am very lucky to have fantastic workmates which makes my job truly enjoyable.

I suppose I could be viewed as a champagne socialist because I believe in champagne for everybody.  I struggle with stupid people.

I have an amazing gift to spill things, break things and bruise myself without even trying.


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