I now take photos of pies – what has my life become?

Did you know there is a good way of displaying Irvines individual pies and a not so good way?  I must admit that until now I had never thought about it.  But trust me a merchandiser who takes the time to display the pies the right way is gold.  I am not going to let you guess what type of merchandiser I am.


But there you go, I now get excited when I see a nice row of pies.  And not just because hmmmm pies, but because it means one of my people is doing a great job.  I love that, and I take a photo.

And when I am getting a gazillion calls on Monday morning telling me all the things that my people did or didn’t do on the weekend, I can get my phone out and look at my photos and go hmmmh pies – hmmmm well displayed pies.  The best kind .


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