A Lodge Update

It has been a while since I last posted, but there hasn’t been a great deal to tell.

Every Saturday Brett goes up the Lodge and works industriously all day with Kelvin our wonderful builder.  And by the end of each Saturday it looks like hardly anything has happened.  What is that about?  I think it must be like cheese, to make the good stuff, it takes time.  To be fair things were always going to take bit longer because Kelvin can only work on Saturday’s as he actually has a full time job at Farmlands in Wellsford.  (if you are ever in the market for some rural goods check it out, well worth a visit – Centennial Drive Wellsford)

And of course there is also the Brett Factor.  Brett is like the Simon Cowell of the renovation world, he wants the absolute best, is very clear on the result he is looking for, and if Brittney could be there even better 🙂

But after saying all that, this weekend I can now see how things are all starting to come together, and very exciting it is too.  We just about have all the new gib up*.  (did you know it takes a lot longer to construct than destruct?)  The windows in the bunk room look awesome, and the lounge area is just going to be fabulous.

bunk roomImagine if you can, king single bunks alongside these windows.

loungeAnd here is our lovely sunny lounge – might still need a little bit of work though

And while all that has been going on there have been other side projects

  • poisoning rabbits – Brett has spent a small fortune on rabbit bait which the rabbits seem to enjoy, and we haven’t seen a dead one yet
  • trips to Mitre 10 Mega.  Brett has been there so many times he now has his own Mitre 10 card.  He enjoys whipping that out I can tell you.  Personally the only thing that excites me about Mitre 10 Mega is the cafe, but that place is like a blokes toy store
  • searches on Trade Me.  These can range from light fittings, to sea shells to rabbit traps.  And every week there is an adventure as we drive to some suburb we didn’t know existed to collect something valuable
  • collecting pine cones.  This is actually a project I have taken on for myself.  As we are going to get a wood burner, which I am very happy about.  I have decided to get at least one sack of pine cones each time I am up at the farm.  There is something so satisfying about getting something for nothing and knowing that it is going to keep you toasty warm – bonus
  • and last but by no means least, saying a daily thank you to Kevin and Christine for lending us the Nissan Primera.  This car has been a lifesaver.  It has a tow bar, a hatch that can fit outrageous amounts of rabbit poison, purchases from Trade Me and Mitre 10 Mega and heaps of pine cones.  And it doesn’t mind getting dirty.  We call it the tractor and it has been a huge help. (here a very sexy pic featuring the Primera’s substantial hatch and towbar)

Primera HatchSo while our original goal of having the Lodge ready for paying guests by the end of June was in hindsight a bit optimistic, it really exciting knowing that something gorgeous, fabulous and fun is being created in a paddock on a dirt road in a peninsula in the Kaipara Harbour.

* a big thank you also needs to be made to Mark Kerr our friend and Auckland builder who gave up one of his Saturday’s to come and put a whole lot of gib up a couple of weeks ago.  Just for the thrill of taking the Hiace to Tapora and having crock pot casserole for lunch