Not 50 Yet!!!

That happens tomorrow – queue insipid little finger wave in the air and a very quiet whoop whoop.

I have always loved my birthdays, have looked forward to and enjoyed them.   But my goodness the big 5 0 has really messed with my head.  Shouldn’t I have done more with my life? Maybe I am not going to live forever after all?  If I have reached the peak and are heading down the other side, when was that peak again?

So in the interests of family harmony and so he didn’t have to see the ensuing meltdown.  Brett had the inspired idea to send me away on an adventure for my birthday.  At this very moment I am sitting at a table in this amazing villa in Bali.  Just because I am having a birthday tomorrow and I am little whiner.  Crazy, fabulous and did I mention crazy?

I have never been to Bali before, but I can  assure that when an Australian is born they are given a free flight to Bali, and they get to visit at least 20 times in their lifetimes.  They seem to like to travel in packs, and there usually seems to be one overweight loud woman included in the group who is invariably called Nat – oh dear.

I did observe some behaviour I did not approve of – no not Ozzy Nat drinking 5 Pink Pussies at the pool bar – that was all good.  But a middle aged woman – older than me even.  She refused to remove the sarongs she had hanging by a temple at the pool, until the staff came and provided what she considered appropriate shade for her.  And she was asked so nicely as well.  No cultural respect whatsoever, she got my most scathing look I can tell you.   What I really wanted to do of course was drown her a little bit.

Bali is quite overwhelming, it is hot and humid, there are heaps of people rushing about.  Some of them Balinese – not just Aussies.  But it is beautiful, I can absolutely see why people keep returning.  There is something very special about being in a place where the spiritual and material are so intertwined.  Yesterday when I was having my outside pedicure – as you do.  I saw a young woman, burning incense and making prayers to a tree.  Not going through the motions, but absolutely present as she made the offering and said the prayers.  The reason for this?  It was the birthday of the plantation of trees where the spa was located.  The trees get birthday wishes – my kind of place!!!

The pool at the villa this morning – noice

I feel so happy and privileged to be here enjoying this amazing place.  I know I really shouldn’t spin our about getting a year older.  When I turn 70, I will give myself a real talking to I tells ya.  So today I plan to make the absolute most of being 49 and try not to drown, or graze myself or get eaten by a shark when I give surfing a go (for the first time ever) later on this morning.  Watch this space.







2 thoughts on “Not 50 Yet!!!

  1. Totally know what you mean. I think it might be a hangover from our 13 year old selves who mentally divided people into four categories;
    0-25 = young
    25-50 = middle-aged
    50-75 = old
    75+ = dead

    I had conniptions about my 50th (my students noticed so loud was the pre-birthday wailing and lamenting and got me pressies)

    Luckily, the angst doesn’t continue. Though maybe you’d better not tell Brett and see if he’ll spring for another Nat-uary holiday next year

    1. Anne you have summed it up perfectly – getting into the “old” division totally spun my wheels. But now I am here it isn’t that bad at all – surprise surprise. I am very confident Brett won’t fall for this next year, I will have to wait a bit longer and for the bank balance to improve for my next meltdown 🙂

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