Fitness Weirdo – but a happy one

This Sunday I ran my first 10km fun run.  I am pretty darn proud of myself too because I ran all the way.  The course was a 2.5km loop around Waiatarua Park in Remuera.  The course was quite good but it poured with rain about half an hour before we started and for most of the hour and 2 minutes and 13 seconds that I ran for.  Which meant it was wet.  And there was a spot where I swear wasn’t a puddle it was a mini lake.  The water came up well over my ankles.  Knowing the first time you ran through it, that you would be coming up against it 3 more times was not the most inspiring sensation I must admit.

Before the race - boo
Before the race – boo

The run is part of a series of 6 races organised by Run Auckland.

I have to say despite the weather being more designed for ducks than runners, it was really well organised, and once you got your head around the fact you were going to get bloody wet a lot of fun.  I was a bit disappointed I didn’t finish in under an hour – which was my goal.  But there is next month’s run.  And I will tie my laces better next time.  I did have to stop for that – that must have slowed me up by 20 seconds at least 🙂

By the time we finished a little bit of blue sky
By the time we finished a little bit of blue sky

Of course the funny thing is me even being disappointed at not achieving my goal of 10km in under an hour, is that 2 years ago this would not have been remotely possible.  But since making the decision to stop being a couch potato and doing the Michelle Bridges 12WBT program.  (which I joined thanks to Sister Julie and I can not sing the praises of highly enough)  I can now go out on a wet Sunday run for over an hour and think that is a good time.  Weirdo I know.

Billie recreating what I felt like doing straight after my run
Billie recreating what I felt like doing straight after my run

That’s me the healthy and happy weirdo who has biceps, and enjoys nothing more than showing off her headstand moves.  Of course the time I really want to show off my headstand is when I have had a couple of gins.  Unfortunately I have not found a way to keep my balance when the magical juniper juice has been consumed.  But I am a work in progress, and if it is at possible I will find a way.

I have discovered this amazing thing (and sorry if I sound like an evangelist) but regular exercise is really really important for my well being.  In fact it is my preventative medicine.  I am quite sure if I stopped exercising, my family and colleagues would push me out the door anyway, because it has made such a difference to my mental and physical health.  Exercising regularly, eating healthyish and drinking a bit less have all been really good for me.  Crazy times.

So my goal for 2015 is to keep it up, even when getting out of my nice warm bed at stupid o’clock to go to they gym seems like a really dumb idea.  Because the reality is, I have tried the alternative and that isn’t too clever either.

And I just have to say, because it has been a big week Shout Outs to …

  • The people of Northland, showing the National Party they can’t be taken for granted.  Winnie is a sly old silver fox but he is just brilliant for his nuisance value.  Lord knows what he will get up to now, but I am pretty confident it wont make John happy
  • The Warriors, I know you would have really wanted that win against the Broncos at Mt Smart, but you really came back in the second half, just wasn’t to be unfortunately
  • The Dragons, yay another win.  Hopefully you can build on that momentum for the Knights.
  • The Black Caps.  So very proud, the game against Australia wasn’t anywhere as close as we would have liked.  But you got into the final and displayed an awesome attitude the whole way through.  I think good sportsmanship is definitely something we should value and celebrate.  Yes I am talking about you, Australian cricket team, who gave an awesome demonstration of how you can be losers even if you win.
  • All the volunteers who help keep sporting clubs with future Black Caps, Warriors and Dragons going, and all those people who knock on doors to get people out to vote.  Giving up your time to do something for others for no material gain is pretty awesome.  (maybe not the Young Nats though – I think you just annoyed the hell out of the voters of Northland) Ok, it’s me, you annoy the hell out of me.




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