Happy Birthday Wal

Yesterday was my father’s birthday.  69 years and 1 day ago a bonny baby boy was born in Whangarei Hospital.  He was the first son of Wilson Lloyd Caldwell McConnell (really where did these names come from) and Emma Marie McConnell (nee Harrsion)  Granny said she didn’t get to see him for about 24 hours but she knew he was her baby because he was the best looking in the hospital (she would say things like that – so cute)

Anyway I can’t help reflect on fate and how much more fortunate he was to be born in sunny Whangarei in November 1943 than somewhere in Europe.  He is a fantastic person and I am very proud to have him as my Father.  And even one of the nurses at the Wellsford Medical Centre said he is the nicest man in the world.  Which as Mum pointed out means I have realise that Brett is only the second nicest.  But I am all good with that.

Brett and I went up to the farm for his birthday yesterday, and delivered beautiful pirate cupcakes that Lauren had made, and a losing lotto ticket for his pressies.  Today he and Mum are labouring away at a Golf Club Tournament.  He was out at 6:30 am mowing the greens, and I am sure he wouldn’t rather be anywhere else.

Billie and I are progressing well at puppy training.  We proudly came home with a second place ribbon for how we went in an obstacle course.  Ok there were only 3 other dogs.  But that isn’t the point.  🙂
Next Saturday is puppy graduation, and Brett and Lauren are coming to watch.  Brett asked if he needed to wear a suit.  I told him to stop being so silly, but he will need to take us out to lunch to celebrate.  Billie and I have to learn a trick to show, we are working on crawl.  I will let you know how we get on.

Because I like including photos, here is a photo of me aged about 4 (I think) with Mum’s dog Jake – he is the handsome boy I am leaning on.  And Dad’s dog Zeke.  Zeke was a beardie who was very good with stock.  Jake was a Hunterway cross and was very good at looking handsome and doing what he liked.  I love how I have dirty pants and a big grin.  Nothing has changed in 42 years.

From the Social Pages

My sister and sister in law Mrs and Mrs McDag currently residing in St Peters Sydney Australia had a wonderful Hawaiian Princesses themed soiree in Surrey Hills on Friday Night to celebrate their recent nuptials.  A good time was had by all and one of the the many highlights was the Volcano Cake made by party organiser Byron Watson.  Words cannot describe this magnificent erection.  So I will have to include a photo.   Please note this cake design is the intellectual property of B. Watson

Lauren Rea Edwards currently residing at 7c Alberta Street Pt Chevalier (please God don’t let me be writing that sentence in 4 years time)  will be receiving her Grand Prior Award for St John this Friday at Mt Wellington.  This is the highest award a St John Cadet can receive.  (this is probably more special than your puppy getting a second place ribbon)  Well done Lauren, I am very proud of you.  And a big thank you to all of the St John volunteers who put so much time and effort into the junior programme.

Christmas Cake Update

The first tasting of the cake occurred yesterday.  The cakes have been judged as a bit dry (although full of fruity/chocolate goodness) nothing that a bottle of port wont fix.  So the Christmas Cake fiend has worked out his feeding roster from now until Christmas.  Whew glad that is sorted.


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Wal

  1. Happy Birthday poet Wal. Well done to Lauren, if I ever need first aid I will try to be near Pt. Chev. when it happens.
    Yo Billie the second best puppy, I hope your mum increases your pocket money for such a great effort.

    1. I am actually considering charging Billie more rent. Her basement apartment (or kennel) must be worth at least $15 a week as we went to an auction for the house behind us where they wanted an outrageous amount.

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