While losing is heartbreaking losing your sense of worth or excellence is tragic

This morning I sent the quote above to my Dragon boys – yes they got beaten by those slippery Parramatta Eels.  While I am sure it didn’t offer them very much comfort,  I do like the sentiment expressed.  Losing sucks but it sure doesn’t negate the effort, the sheer athleticism and the sacrifices that have to be made to perform week after week at that level.

There NattyBugle has spoken, and  those keyboard warriors that are giving them a hard time can go to hell.

Also on my go to hell list

  • The National Government – stop lying and trying to blame Labour for the Saudi Sheep bribes debacle.  Show us the documents that apparently prove why all those millions of dollars had to be paid.  And while I am at it, stop making it so hard for Auckland.  Support Auckland city by passing the legislation so they can have affordable housing and transport – and by the way trying to steal land from Ngati Whatua is not cool.
  • New Zealand Herald – big headlines that say how are rates are going up by a gazillion because the Long Term Plan has been passed, don’t help the quality of debate, and you were lying anyway
  • Creepy politicians who are obsessed with the sexual behaviour of others, and then can’t help behaving badly themselves.  Yes Colin Craig I am talking about you

Right that is the Natty Rant out of the way.  Hey I am nearly 50 I am allowed my curmudgeonly moments.

I have so many great things to Rave about

  • A great win to the Warriors against the Raiders.  One of the advantages of having two teams is while there can be double the heartbreak, you do have a good chance of one of them going ok
  • Another 10k run done and dusted, and in 57.31 minutes.  This time it was just up the road at Western Springs, so Brett and Billie came to be my support team.  Brett was great, Billie was a bit meh.  As far as she was concerned there was no point people going running past her while she was having to be a good girl and sit
  • I got to go to a lovely birthday party on Saturday night, for my good friend Carmel.  What I particularly enjoyed about the party was that everyone there loves her as much as I do, and so they should
  • Okahukura Lodge is going really well.  Thanks to the mad genius that is Brett, we have come up with a place that people enjoy staying at, and they are really respectful of the place.  It is such a nice feeling when something you have planned and worked towards comes out as you expected
  • I went to an awesome headstand yoga class at The Centre in Kingsland with such an amazing and interesting group of women.  I was not very good at the headstand it is true, but I learned heaps.  And afterwards we got to sit around drink cups of herbal tea and smoothies and eat the most delicious sweet treats from the Little Bird bakery that is downstairs.  Seriously worth the pain and humiliation of not able to kick those legs over your head                  http://www.the-centre.co.nz/
  • Although it was freezing this week, in Tamaki Makaurau, we have had some beautiful sunrises and sunsets.  And I managed to get some really nice photos of the city at about 7am.  So pretty
    Sky Tower at 7am
    Sky Tower at 7am
    Rangitoto from Wynyard Wharf

    Harbour Bridge
    Harbour Bridge future home of the Sky Path
  • I am also lucky enough to have such lovely and tolerant colleagues who are ok with me bringing Billie into work once a week.  Sometimes more especially if it is cold.  On Wednesday the only way she felt she could get properly warm was by lying as close to the heater as possible.  Unfortunately that did mean from time to time the aroma of singed dog hair would permeate around the office – not nice, trust
Hot Dog aka Stinky Dog

Another week has flown by, see I told you I am getting old.  Isn’t that what old people say? 🙂

Anyway I am looking forward to the coming week, Sister Julie will be visiting from Sydney Australia, we are going to see the comedian Beth Stelling perform, and I will continue to work on the inspirational tweet that will get my Dragons over the line.


2 thoughts on “While losing is heartbreaking losing your sense of worth or excellence is tragic

  1. on the negative side, you forgot to mention the passing of Suzi from The Johnnys. The world has lost a real and vibrant character.

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