The week that was

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about attending the funeral of my Great Uncle Doug.  This week there has been a wedding in the family to celebrate.

My sister Julie and her awesome partner Vicky went to Hawaii for a holiday and managed to arrange a civil union while they were over there.  We are all very happy for them, and wish Mrs and Mrs McDag all the very best.  My biggest concern is that the paper work won’t have been done correctly.  I mean look at all the problems Mr B Obama has had with his birth certificate.

You might be starting to see there is a strand running through my whanau members of people who are prepared to do what they believe is right.  Despite what the bible, bosses or the government may say.  And you would be correct.  On both sides of my family I have some very strong willed characters, men and women. Of course it is very difficult for me being such a quiet and obliging soul – haha

Anyway this week, Brett and I have not headed off to get married because I have been very busy with puppy training*.  Last Saturday I took Billie to her first puppy obedience class run by the awesome Jess Allsop  And it wasn’t really a success.  So we went away and we did a lot of work.  I now have a puppy who can sit (most of the time) and will even do the stay thing if the stars aligned correctly.  So I was pretty pleased with Billie’s progress this week.  But we still have more work to do.  Down is the theme for this week.  Mainly it means me lying on the floor and Billie staring at me blankly.

Billie is also very happy because Nana has given her her own cow horn to bring back home and leave on the lawn.  I feel pretty confident that she is the only puppy in central Auckland with her own chewy cow horn.  There were plenty on Mum’s lawn and Denny and Oscar were very happy to share.  (by the way Mum always has a very nice well kept lawn, but her dogs just couldn’t help themselves and added a few cow horn features)


The other news I am happy to share is that Jess Rodger, a colleague of Brett’s who has a lovely blog.  Has just announced she has written a book.  I am always full of admiration for those who have the cleverness and tenacity to sit down, apply themselves and write a book.  So big congratulations to you Jess.

I also need to mention my brother Daniel’s blog.  Dan is the Chief Electrical Officer/Wizard for a super yacht that has been berthed in Qatar for the last few months.  Dan has a great turn of phrase and I know he has at least one book full of stories already.  But he probably will never be allowed to publish all the scandal he has on the rich and famous (damn).  The great news is Dan will be home for Christmas and it will be wonderful to catch up.

Dan I am sure finding rain for you to appreciate will not be an issue.

*Of course puppy training wasn’t the only reason Brett and I didn’t rush off to get married.  Brett has also been very busy organising the cabinet maker to build our book shelf


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