Weirdo Alert – I got up at 5:30am on Sunday morning to go on a “fun run”

And I loved it.

Sunday was the last run in the Run Auckland Series of six 10km runs, I have been participating in.  They have been held at various parks throughout the city about once a month.  While I have moaned and groaned before and during every event, I really have had a great feeling of achievement each time one is completed.

On Sunday morning it was dark and cold and wet, but I dragged my sorry arse out of bed.  (Mr Brett lying in bed with a cup of coffee telling me I was a champion kind of helped but didn’t by the way)

The run was at Millwater, a newish subdivision by Orewa.  The course was a really nice mixture of flat and undulating with interesting things to look at.  Amazing to think that only a few years ago it was all farmland.

Although it was a rather miserable morning, as you can tell from the happy looking people below.  I managed to do my best time yet and I really did enjoy myself.


As usual when I go on a run, my “monkey mind” likes to work overtime.  I am pretty sure this is because I am incapable of concentrating on one activity for more than 10 minutes, let alone an hour, so when I am running thoughts get pretty random

Here are a selection (no wonder I need to go to bed early)

  • 2 years ago I couldn’t run 1km let alone 10
  • How my idea of what a fun activity is has really changed.  Well not that much – gin drinking and chippie eating is still fun
  • How much I like pretending to be a Kenyan runner on someones shoulder waiting to overtake them with a powerful kick
  • How can that woman who is so much larger than me be so much faster – she is absolutely far more Kenyan than I am
  • Will my Dragons still want me to support them when I must have put a hooddo on them so they have now lost 6 times in a row.  I even pulled out Kia Kaha in my inspirational tweet – nothing
  • Why haven’t I won Lotto yet when there are so many cool things I would do with that money?
  • Do I really look like a condom wearing my running hat?
  • Is Mr Brett out of bed yet?
  • Where is the finish line?

I managed to do 5 of the 6 runs and I am very pleased and proud of myself because I ended up about halfway overall in the field for my grouping – 40-49 year olds . Not bad for a former non runner.

So a very big thank you from me. Run Auckland people for organising such a great series.  It has managed to keep me motivated enough to keep running/shuffling through winter and I am really grateful for that.  Otherwise the gin and chippie fun activity would really taken over.  I will definitely be participating next year.

All a bit sad on the Footy front, both my teams lost – boo.  (sad boo not angry boo – call me old fashioned but I really hate hearing booing at games, it just seems so boorish and unnecessary)

Both teams did play a lot better in the second half – so we are taking heart and feeling positiveish for next week.  And they were both tough games, the Dragons were playing the Bunnies – last years champions, and the Warriors took on the Chooks, who are always competitive.

This weekend, I am super excited because Mr Brett and I are heading down to Hawkes Bay to watch the Dragons take on the Melbourne Storm.  I really hope the guys go well, and there isn’t a stalker alert placed out on me at McLean Park #awkward.

Whatever the result I do know the guys will give their all and do their very best to win.  I also know that I will get to eat some great food, drink some nice drinks and tormenting Mr Brett in another part of the country is always an enjoyable bonus.

Just before I close I do have to mention Anika Moa (again) and her fantastic album Songs for Bubbas.  If you are ever looking for a present for parents of little ones, this is highly recommended.  There is a lovely mixture of funny and sweet songs, lots of Te Reo and of course she sounds amazing.  I bought one for Isla, and I have it on good authority that she approves.

Ma te wa – that was especially for you Brenda



Just Another Freaking Aucklander Moaning About the Cold

You see here’s the thing, I live in the northerly part of a South Pacific Island mainly because that is where I have ended up and also because I don’t like being cold.

You won’t find this softy moving south of the Bombay Hills because

a) the earth shakes

b) it gets cold

c) no one has invited me

Yes marvelous eating and drinking things are produced further south and clever and funny people live there, but anywhere thermals has to become part of your daily wardrobe is just not for me.

You can then imagine my consternation this week when it has been bitey cold for days on end and white stuff (not cocaine – I don’t live in Ponsonby) has been found on the ground on the mornings.  Not happy.  We have been having brilliant days of sunshine, which are great for the soul, but my goodness once that sun goes down it is bitter.

We even had big frosts up at Okahukura Lodge this weekend, even though it is 110km north of Auckland.  But it did make for some pretty pictures.

Fire and FrostIMG_2627IMG_2626IMG_2624

Aotearoeans who deal with this sort of cold and more on a regular basis, and with lot less complaining you have my upmost respect.  You are all amazement and the backbone of this country.  In the meantime this hothouse flower will continue to drain the National Grid keeping her footsies warm.

I am actually very lucky that Mr Brett having previously resided in Wellington* for a few years has clever heating strategies.  Our house has double glazing – fabulous.  We also have heaters with timers so rooms warm up before you get up in the morning.  I am sure that having these clever strategies implemented had nothing to do how the intensity of my whining increases with the level of my discomfort.

I also know that I am incredibly lucky that we can afford to heat our house and have enough blankets and all the things that make winter bearable.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like living in an uninsulated house and unable to afford heating.  Pretty bloody crappy that is for sure.

That is my winter grumble out of the way, no doubt before too long I will be able to start on my Spring Equinox rant.  Good times.  I know you can all hardly wait.

While this has been a very lighthearted moan about the winter there is a wonderful group of people out who call themselves The Aunties who work with Women’s Refuge to help keep vulnerable women and children warm and safe.  Here is a link to their blog because I believe what they do is so very important and unfortunately necessary.

Apart from complaining about the cold, and tormenting Mr Brett – you know the usual stuff, the week was fairly quiet.  We did go and see the Auckland Theatre Company production of Rupert by David Williamson.  It is about Rupert Murdoch, and I thought it was very funny and clever.  It just helps to remind you what an old villain he is. (if you needed reminding) His mother lived till she was 103, so we probably have another 20 years of him controlling our media landscape.  Lordy.

One of the most telling things for me was at the end of the play they put up a screen showing the media outlets he controls.  Crazy.  For one person to be in charge of so much.  Just incredible.

Just incredible in another and far more positive way, is this Nathan Friend back flip that lead to a fantastic try when the Warriors beat the Storm at Mt Smart yesterday.  The sheer athleticism just blows my mind.  And as you know I have attended a handstand class.  Shaun’s side step and backward pass isn’t too shabby either.  A fantastic win to the Warriors – now fourth on the table.

Meanwhile my Dragons are going through a wee slump.  Some of their players are injured and things just aren’t going their way.  But they will come right.  The world renown philosopher Phil Gould probably summed it up best writing for the SMH this morning

All teams go through an injury run at some stage of the season. Some get it worse than others. The Dragons are just having their bad run right now. Never mind. Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

Read more:

What Phil said.  Maybe I will use that for my inspirational tweet next week.  Because frankly, ” I hope you boys have all got a nicely ironed hanky and clean undies” doesn’t seem to be working that well.

In other exciting (for me at least) League news.  The dates for the Auckland Nines for next year have been confirmed – February 6 and 7.  Hopefully the Dragons will want me back again to hang around and keep out of their way at the same time.  I will still be going regardless as it really is a fantastic event.

One event that I do plan to attend this year is this one.

The fabulous Anika Moa had a Face to Face interview with Marlon Williams – who I had never heard of.  (I don’t get out much)  The interview is funny, but 7 and a half minutes in, they sing Hine E Hine together and both their voices just blew me away.  As Mr J Campbell of Auckland would say Bloody Marvelous.

Anyway lovely people keep warm and safe.  And a shout out to Sister Julie for sending through the lovely photos of Noosa looking so sunny and fabulous, I really did appreciate them I did.

He Konei Ra


*Actually if you want to hear moaning, have me visit Wellington when that Southerly is ripping through – bloody hell.  Might be another reason why I have never been invited to live there.

Some Clever and Funny Women I came across this week and do I have Dragon super powers?

Just another week in paradise for me.  I wasn’t caught in an earthquake like some poor souls in Nepal, or even closer to home stuck on a flooded motorway in Wellington, or having my roof blown off in Mt Maunganui.

No up here in the Chev were the usual activities of

  • exercising and moaning about the exercising
  • drinking and eating, and vowing to be a bit more restrained with both – next week
  • annoying Brett – always a comforting constant in my life
  • being the noisy one in the office.  I have very quiet workmates and I know it brings a lot of joy to their lives hearing me talk to customers and my views on life the universe and everything

However this week I was very lucky to come across two very talented, wise and funny women.  Well not exactly come across as Michele A’Court and Anika Moa have been around for the longest time.  Michele I remember watching you on What Now.  And Anika as she herself pointed out she did start performing as a baby, so to me she has always just been there, making great music and being fabulous.

While I have always been in awe of Anika’s talent, I had no idea just how funny she is.  For some reason a mad genius at the New Zealand Herald has decided to let her interview fellow musicians and she is bloody funny.  Watch and see what I mean.

And I would totally buy a version of Anika and Stan singing I’ll Be There – just saying

Michele has just published a book called Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter, and I read a piece in Next magazine at the hairdressers – well I chortled and snuffled and read it out loud to my hairdresser, and knew this was a book I had to have.  I just went out today and bought it and I am in the process of devouring it.  We are of a similar age, with similar age daughters and there was so much I can relate to

  • Tattoos couldn’t agree more
  • That awful moment when you first realise that because you are a girl you are not entitled for some reason to have the some opportunities as boys
  • Blindfolding Muslim Men so they don’t have to be tempted – best idea ever
  • When you are very ready for your child to leave home

Anyway I could go on and on, but it really is a great book, I am glad I bought it and it gives me some more things to annoy Brett with – read this, did you know Michele was from Levin? etc etc


I actually sent this photo to Michele on Twitter to prove I bought her book and she replied – wasn’t that nice.  I do hope the 5c she got from the sale of the book will help keep her in shoes.

While I am on the subject of Twitter I did realise halfway through this week that I forgot to send my weekly inspirational tweet to the 3 St George Dragons who are brave enough to let me follow them on Twitter.  Heath L’Estrange, Euan Aitkin and Joel Thompson.

At the start of the season the team were getting such a terrible time about how useless they were.  I thought what would make all the difference would be me sending them a tweet before each game saying things like.

  • You are winners to me
  • I know you work really hard
  • You can do this

You know the sort of messages I should have written and put in Lauren’s lunchbox, if it hadn’t been mission impossible enough to find a bag of chippies in the back of the cupboard to throw in her school bag.

But this Wednesday I realised that I did not send them a tweet before their game on Monday night and that was the game the lost against the South Sydney Rabbitos.  I can assure you I have sent them a tweet today before they meet the Raiders.  So if they win, you know who to thank – apart from the team and the coaching staff.  And if they lose, I will be sad but it will take a bit of pressure off me. Watch this space.

Were you watching?  A win to the Dragons!!!  32-18

So now not only do I need to keep inspiring the Dragons to awesomeness,  I might just start slipping some inspirational messages into Brett’s man bag.  I know he would really appreciate them, and it just enhances my annoying potential.

Finally Chris Rattue (who I don’t always agree with) wrote this piece in the Herald and it was perfectly illustrated to me last night.  Some of the McFred whanau were at The Cav on College Hill Ponsonby last night for dinner, and the place was pumping at 6pm.  We couldn’t work out why. But people were there to watch the Warriors beat the Eels, and once the game was over about a 3rd of the clientele left.  Even though the Hurricanes were playing the Chiefs straight after – two of the top teams in the Super 14.  By the way the food at The Cav was yummy, the service quick and nice and friendly but the Pokie machines were not our friends..  Sort that out please 🙂

To paraphrase the Starks League is coming.  And for one love it