I told you I was discombobulated

I have written nuffink for a month, I took some photos and had some ideas like


  • Why Don Brash is an idiot and why I would buy him a one way ticket to anywhere but here and some recommended reading for him*
  • Why The Big Short is a great movie and we should all see it – have we learned nothing people?
  • Why I cried in the car when I heard that Helen Kelly had died and I have never even met her
  • Why training for a half marathon is the devil, even though Greta from Rejoov Running is the best coach ever – I had nice photos of blisters to attach to that blog*
  • Why I am reading and researching more about sustainability and finding out stuff that amazes/scares me a bit*
  • Why I am super excited for the NRL Nines – I think I may have already mentioned that but I do have the best job ever on that weekend.  And why I am sad Benjy has left the Dragons*

But gentle reader did you get to immerse yourself in any of these blogs?  No you did not. And I have self diagnosed this as being down to an extended case of discombobulation.  Not just laziness (ok that may be a contributing factor)

I didn’t realise that going from one job straight into another was going to be so tiring and be so much for my little brain to take in.  But I can honestly say that after a month I feel that I am now starting to get my head around things and back to being able to put my ideas into semi- meaningful sentences.

So be afraid people, I have got a shit load of blogs to write to get to my 40 for this year target, and despite all my best efforts I don’t seem to be able to train Billie to write them for me – she is a little bitch sometimes, honestly.

However one thing she is always available to do is to take me for walks, and show me things.  Like the new walkway at the end of our street across the mudflats to Eric Armishaw Park in Pt Chev.  There was actually a kingfisher on the railing just before I took the photo. More awesomeness in the Chev.  Love it.





*Here is the book Don Brash should read.  It has lots of pictures so that might help him.  Just a wonderful beautifully crafted book about Maori history, our history.  Actually we should all be given a copy of this book with all of that surplus that our amazing National Government has managed to squirrel away


*Blisters photo – I need new socks and probably shoes and feet and legs


*Fly Tipping- did you know bad people just go and dump skip loads of rubbish in carparks etc?  Our Junk Run guys sometimes have to go and clear it out – blucky  (wouldn’t you rather look at photos of pie displays?)


*I am sad Benjy is leaving the Dragons because he is such a great team man and so good with the young guys and old ladies






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