Discombobulated and Grateful

Yesterday was my last day at Goodman Fielder.  For the last five months I expended blood, sweat and tears – yes I am talking about you Pukekohe Pak n Save, on managing a team, myself, and an infinite variety of grocery products.  Now it is all over, the phone and laptop have been passed back.  I start a new adventure on Monday and I feel strangely discombobulated.

It really is the weirdest feeling.  I actually have no words to describe it.  But I do have some fantastic memories, and I did get to meet and interact with some truly beautiful people, for which I am honestly very grateful

It must be said, some of those beautiful people did not look very beautiful on Thursday morning, after they took me out on Wednesday for a farewell lunch.  I take full responsibility for enabling the badness. But I don’t refer to my colleagues as Wahine Toa for nothing.  They fronted up and gave their very best the next day.  I am just very grateful there is no photographic evidence of the shenanigans.

One of the most humbling things about this whole experience has been the kind words that have been said about me making a difference.  I am really not sure that is the case, all I did was hand out a few chocolates, wrote some notes of appreciation and did terrible things to the rosters and shared drives.  My poor boss will probably age about 10 years taking over my area.

But because she is so very nice, and at this point in time not realising the state of the rosters or the share drives, ahem, she gave me this most gorgeous gift.  An owl for the wisdom I imparted.  I think it is more for what I have gained, but he has a special place up at the Lodge where I can sit in the lounge and look at Mr Ruru and reflect on a most extraordinary and discombobulating 5 months in my life.

A perfect spot for Mr Ruru


My beautiful candle and the obligatory bath selfie

My colleagues also gave me a beautiful present – apart from a sore head on Thursday, a fabulous candle, they thought I could have by the bath.  It will help remind me of the light they brought when I was in a dark place, and how apparently bath selfies are so good for team morale.  Who knew?

But I might not try the bath selfie trick with my new team until I have been there for at least a week.  According to Mr Brett there is such a thing as over sharing and too much of a good thing, so I will take his guidance on that one.

Finally my pick for the game tonight between the Raiders and the Storm tonight really has to be the Raiders, after all I am going to be part of a Green Machine myself next week.  Yay me.








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