Helping Feed the Need

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children” – Nelson Mandela

Today I got so experience some fantastic soul and heart when I got to help out at Feed the Need.  This organisation is a charitable trust that has the mission to “feed hope to Kiwi kids on school lunch at a time”

They have a website that explains far better than I can what they do, and how they do it.

But I can tell you it was a very humbling and positive experience to work with such a fun and caring group of people who are really making a difference.

Goodman Fielder also has a charitable trust called Goodman Fielder Cares and they donate a lot of bread and products to Feed the Need, and they encourage employees to volunteer and help out once a year as well.  Hence why I got to go along and experience what Feed the Need does today.

It really was a well oiled machine, me and my 3 colleagues were given a safety briefing, assigned our own gorgeous hair net and then given jobs helping prepare some of the 1000 hot lunches that get made and delivered to some of the Decile One schools in South Auckland.

On today’s menu was nachos, and they were made with a lot of care, they were nutritious – lots of veges (and cheese) in there, and it was delicious.  Not many kids were going to turn that lunch down, and they provided a vegetarian option as well.

My cool colleagues stirring the nacho mix – notice how I am not doing anything

I really wish that volunteers didn’t have to provide something like this, that every child got enough good food to eat each day.

Obligatory shot of me grinning my head off with a gorgeous man.                                       Riki our supervisor for the morning

But the need is there, and it was so good to see and work with the people out there who do give a damn and do make a difference.  As I said, very humbling.

Some of our helpers at Roscommon Primary

And being met at the schools by some happy and engaged children was just the icing the cake.


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