Wicked Wild Woman Waiheke – but we need to talk about that hill start

Last Sunday was Valentines Day so what better way to celebrate than by giving your heart and legs calves and glutes a good old workout.

Once again the fantastic crew of women trail runners and their supporters organised a fun and empowering event where you can run and walk (there was plenty of walking ahem) around the bush trails of Waiheke for 8km.  Like last year I was blown away by the fun and friendly atmosphere.  And how lucky we are to live in such a special part of the world.

A new feature this year was the hill start. Right at the very beginning had to get to the top of the “fire break”.  I despite my protestations I don’t usually mind hills too much, and have been know to run up the Bullock Track.  But bloody hell, this was a killer, once I ran about 25% of the way up I knew I would have to walk the rest.  And when I finally got to the top I knew I would be walking for a bit longer.  Big respect for the women who ran all the way up and got places in the Queen of Mountain event.  And Lauren you and I have got a lot of work to do if we can going to be competitive in that – just saying.

Killer Hill – The Fire Break.  I am not at the back I am not at the front


Anyway I managed to scramble my way around the rest of the course, and I was a bit sorry I didn’t take my phone to take some photos – it was glorious.  And it wasn’t like stopping to take photos would slow me down.  The cicadas and tuis were going making plenty of noise which harmonised nicely with my moans, groans and reminders to myself that it can’t be that much longer now.

But at end (and yes I finally I got to the end) there was bubbles and chocolate, a yoga stretch class and bar b q – what more could intrepid Wild Women want?

Chocolate scoffed ready for bubbles and bar b q

Here I am at the finish, very glad it is over.  I am rocking my Rejoov Runners shirt.  This is the running group Sister Julie belongs to.  Their awesome coach Greta is going to put together a running plan together for me so I can have a good time at the Queenstown Half Marathon.  (I mean a good time completing it, I am well aware I could also have a good time sitting on the sidelines cheering on others drinking wine)

So thanks again fabulous Waiheke people, I for one really appreciate all the hard work you put into this event.  And you didn’t even ask to check my passport.  I will be back next year.  But can we talk about that hill start?


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