I Live at the Edge of the Universe Like Everybody Else

I didn’t say that, Bill Manhire did, about Wellington. Clever Mr Manhire.

Certainly cleverer than my usual Wellington statements

“Bloody hell it’s cold”

“I might die”

“Why do they only have escalators that go up in the stores?”

Yes I was lucky enough to visit the worlds most southern capital city a couple of weekends ago, and despite the sort of temperatures that only hardened individuals or penguins could tolerate, I had a wonderful time.

Weather for Penguins not Jafas
Weather for Penguins not Jafas

I officially went to visit my friend Craig (even though he didn’t request my presence) and unofficially to see my Dragons play my Warriors (actually they didn’t request my presence either).

I spent the morning annoying Craig, he was thrilled as you can imagine, and the early afternoon resting up.  Honestly it was so cold not even the thought of shopping and eating could get me away from my nice cosy room.  Intercontinental Wellington I approve of your refurbishment, and the fact you had early check in.  Brett I approve of your generosity of letting me redeem your points for the stay.

It was then time to head to Westpac Stadium for the game.  Wellington I have to say you have it over in Auckland in spades in the stadium department.  Having an easy 15 minute walk from the centre of the city to the ground was fantastic.  Grrr Auckland what a wasted opportunity not building something at the waterfront when we hosted the Rugby World Cup in 2011 (and no The Cloud does not count)

As I walked to the stadium, I got to check out the Mahatma Ghandi statue by the Railway Station, and I must admit I did feel very sorry for him with just his cotton wrap.  I myself was rocking the Michelin man look, I did have my Dragons jersey on, but it was under 5 other layers.

I wanted to lend Mahatma my scarf
I wanted to lend Mahatma my scarf

There were plenty of people heading to the game, mainly Warriors supporters but there were a few Dragons fans.  I also spotted this mad man wearing shorts.  Seriously he wasn’t just on the edge of the universe, he was in an alternative one.

Westpac Stadium
Westpac Stadium

I had managed to persuade/con my friend David to come with me to the game.  Craig informed me that he just isn’t enough of a Bogan to enjoy League.  Whatever Craig, you grew up in Palmy.  Anyway Davey was gracious enough to stay in touch with his inner bogan and be my hot dog and beersie companion.  Thank you David.

Me and Davey enjoying the game
Me and Davey enjoying the game

It was a really good crowd at the game, and once again I was impressed with what a positive and fun atmosphere there was.  Although the poor old Warriors got a hiding.  So not exactly fun and positive for most at the end, but I certainly didn’t notice any snark or aggro and I was making noise for the other team after all.  So big respect to the all those who came and basically froze their arses off to support the teams and players they love.

I do now have a slight inkling of how Serena and Venus’s Mum must feel at times. If one wins the other loses – weird. And yes Dragons you had a great, well deserved win, but did you have to beat the Warriors quite so convincingly – ouch.  36 – 0 to the Dragons.

It was all very sedate after that.  In my wisdom I had decided to take the 7am flight home the following day, so I wasn’t up for a big night out (I am only saying that because I couldn’t find the Dragons lair)

Even with my early night, I did manage to look rather like the creature below as I headed headed to the airport.

The look I went for on Sunday morning
The look I went for on Sunday morning

I really did have a wonderful time, so City on the Edge, I feel compelled to give you the Natty standard – bullet points of praise.

  • Thank you for your lovely generous people who don’t seem mind being tormented by a visitor from the North – or they disguise it incredibly well
  • I love your artwork and statues, I wish I had taken a photo of the one of Peter Fraser – one of my favourites
  • Intercontinental Wellington, your early check in saved me from pneumonia and being forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol trying to keep warm (lots of people thank you for that)
  • You have a stadium handy to the city and public transport, what a fabulous idea – who would have thunk it?
  • And you know what, when you shift your location quite a few degrees north and no longer bang smack in the middle of a fault line, I might even visit more often, whether my presence is requested or not

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