Clarification and Corrections

Sometimes you click publish on WordPress and then you realise that maybe you could have made things a bit clearer or you didn’t have all the information to hand.  Anyway after yesterday’s blog I realised that I didn’t actually explain why I was stalking Mike McRoberts.  Believe it or not I do have some criteria.  Mr McRoberts is on my stalkee list because he is Mr Silver Fox and I really want to get a  photo of us rocking our do’s.  The closest I have come before is this – which isn’t really the same I will admit.

Silver Foxing It Up

Mum wrote Thanks for the Free Tickets Eric on her banner.  Sister Julie queued up with half the New Zealand population of Sydney to get the tickets which were for the game against the Roosters.  They were free to anyone with Kiwi passport.   Worth every cent.  And then Mum made Julie drive through the Eastern Suburbs with a Warriors flag flying out the back of the car.

I did say that Young Nat’s don’t count.  But on reflection, I think I am wrong  about that.  Any young people whe want to get involved with the democratic process should be encouraged.  It does scare me if you start off as a Young Nat how right wing you might end up by time you are 50.  But the thought of the majority of people not even bothering to vote or have opinions about our political process scares me more

I did not send the Warriors an inspirational tweet and now I feel really bad about it.

Winter is my least favourite season.

That is all


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