The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good

There was plenty of good this week.  Brett, Lauren, Billie and I went and spent the weekend at the Lodge and managed to enjoying just being there.  Rather than racing up there, attending to chores and leaving again.

Mind you enjoying means different things to different people.  For Lauren that meant resting and watching tv.  For me that meant resting, bathing and reading.  Billie indulged in fire guarding and patrolling the perimeter.

Fire Dog
Fire Dog

While Brett just applied himself to all those little tasks that make the Lodge such a great place to be.  Including in no particular order, lawn mowing, clearing gutters, installing a new bench and painting.  That Brett.

Clever new benchtop made from an old oak table
Our benchtop made from an old oak table that only cost $10 on Trade Me

I have no pretensions of being a good cook, but I do quite enjoying making lunch when I am up at the Lodge.  Something about the farm kitchen, the well guarded fire and the small detail that being 30km from a cafe, if I don’t make lunch we will starve.  So this weekend I  discovered a fantastic Chelsea Winter recipe for Marmite and Beer bread.  I actually didn’t have marmite or muffin tins but I improvised with tomato relish and a baking pan and Oh My.  Can’t wait to give this a go with Vegemite. (because Vegemite kicks Marmite’s arse) 5 Stars

It goes really well with Jamie Oliver’s Minestrone soup.  Which now I have looked back for the recipe I realise I have bastardised it so much it bears no resemblance whatsoever – oh dear.  But anyway you take some bacon and brown it with some onion, (garlic if you remembered it) and then add a couple of tins of white beans, a couple of tins of tomatoes, a litre of stock and then whatever random vegetables are lurking in the fridge.  A little bit of chilli at the onion stage is good as well.  And then let it simmer away until you are hungry.  Even better the next day.

I will add Jamie’s recipe just so you can see how far I wandered off the Oliver path.  But thanks anyway Jamie.

In my defense I will say my recipe is really good for when you are in a remote location and have realised that you have only remembered the tomatoes, beans, bacon and have managed to rescue some Oxo cubes from the back of the cupboard.

Other good things, Ireland became the first country to legalise same-sex marriage by popular vote.  Go Ireland.  Time to sort your shit out Australia.

Eurovision – Ok I don’t know whether this goes in the Good or Bat Shit Crazy category.  But I know it brings a lot of joy and entertainment to millions of people across the globe, so that has to be a good thing.  I also know that my Sister and Sister in Law are going all out in Sydney with their Eurovision party, and I am sure a fabulous time will be had by all.

Michele A’Court’s book Stuff I Forgot to Tell My Daughter was just as enjoyable as I thought it would be.  And now my daughter is reading it, so Michele’s excellent advice can merge in with my not so handy hints.  I actually checked in with Lauren to see if I have actually given her some handy hints and apparently I had – who knew?

Here are a couple I have selected as appropriate for general reading

  • how to be nice to old people – (I actually think you are better with old people than I am Lauren)
  • don’t burn your bridges – good advice (neither of us follow that, but it is good advice)
  • at midnight all problems might seem bigger than they actually are the next day

The Bad

Now to the bad for this week.  It was actually bad and sad.  Media Works decided after their review, that the wonderful John Campbell and his show was not what they needed anymore.  Boo Media Works.  I really do feel like the mean kids are winning at the moment.  Phil Wallington (from his hospital bed no less) gave an excellent summation of what it’s all about.

But John and your most excellent crew.  No matter how sad and disappointing this all is, you fought a great fight, you can hold your heads high, and you still have your health.  Unlike poor Helen Kelly who revealed on Nine to Noon this week she has lung cancer.

Helen is the president of the Council of Trade Unions.  A pretty thankless task a lot of the time I am sure.  I remember the vitriol that was sent her way when she and the union spoke up for those working on the Hobbit.  You would have thought she was advocating drowning puppies and kittens.

Anyway if you get a moment, listen to this interview.  And if you sometimes think this humble little blogger is becoming a strident tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist. (you may be right by the way)  But also ask yourselves is every person doing well in our new world order just because they work so much harder and better than everyone else?  And that those at the bottom of the heap only there because they are lazy dullards.

And the Ugly

This guy – Michael Laws. Former MP, Former Mayor, Current Dick Head

He decided that Hilary Barry, a fantastic presenter, but also really nice caring person, was unprofessional because she became emotional about her good friend and colleague John Campbell losing his show.

Which to me seems pretty rich coming from a guy who got entangled with sending weird texts to a former prostitute, been accused of smacking one of his children, last year was embroiled in a paternity test.  But hey he isn’t exactly the first middle aged man to do stupid shit and then be judgmental about how other people live their lives.

Hilary you rock, and I keep hearing stories about your random acts of kindness.  I think the heart is like any muscle the more you use it the larger it gets.  And if when we get older we have used our hearts properly it becomes and harder and harder to stop showing how we feel.  So we cry when we see good things happen and bad things happen, and that’s ok – in fact it’s great. Your heart is large and lovely unlike Mr Law’s organ he chooses to do his thinking with.  (his brain of course – really people)

Wow this has ended up being quite a bit longer than I expected.  I hope I managed to keep you with me.  That means you Hamish and Tracey 🙂  And I didn’t even mention the budget.  But I do know that I am incredibly lucky because in my life I have so much good, hardly any bad, and thanks to the very clever Brett very little ugly.  I am truly blessed.

But wait there’s more…

No Dragons or Warriors updates this week, they are both having a bye.  Which means two points for having some time out.  Hooray.  Although I know both teams will be training really hard.

And Happy Birthday Week to Heath L’Estrange.  Hooker for the Dragons, really nice guy and a great character.  (he might be one of my favourites but shh don’t tell anybody.


5 thoughts on “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

  1. Nice summation Natty. The interview with Helen Kelly was very special. So matter-of-fact and still so involved. Good to hear her confirm what my tinfoil hat tells me, this working environment is no accident.
    And so sad about Campbell Live. I think that he should go virtual and run it by subscriptions or try to get Mazda involved.

    1. I thought the Helen Kelly interview was great. She came across as so warm and wise and yes so matter of fact. She will be a loss when she goes. I like your Campbell Live thinking, it tied in with my cunning when I win Lotto thinking. Which I did alas not happen this week.
      Anyway I got Mum the latest North and South with the Carrick Graham interview. A great read and be afraid Carrick. Edie is not impressed with you

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