Trees of 40 fruit – sorry , couldn’t think of a clever heading

Well our citrus do look rather sad compared to that don’t they?

Brett Francis

Up at the Lodge we’ve planted six citrus trees.  Two weeks later when were next up there they were just sticks desperate for water.  So we then spent more money than the trees cost (including the new ones we had to buy to replace the ones we couldn’t save) putting in an irrigation system and a lot of time spraying and putting down slug/snail bait.  See photo below – impressive isn’t it…..

What is impressive are Sam Van Aken’s Trees of 40 fruit.  For most of the year, the Trees of 40 Fruit looks fairly plain and green. But in the spring, the trees blossom into an explosion of pinks, whites, crimsons and purples. Then from July through October, they produce 40 different types of stone fruit: apricots, cherries, nectarines, peaches, plums and almonds.  If you watch his TED talk you’ll hear him describe the trees as; artwork, research project…

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