So what’s happening at Okahukura Lodge?


Stuff that costs money and doesn’t look like anything is happening, but stuff that is crucial to project success.  Brett assures me of this, and as he is the Project Manager, Key Delivery Partner and boy who does the cleaning up afterwards, I am sure he knows what he is talking about.  So I don’t have any interesting photos to upload.  But I will share this as it does does have the potential to be interesting, as this shows where the tap for the bath is going to go.  We love baths – I know not everyone does, but we do.  And unfortunately Casa Alberta does not have a bath yet.  So we are very excited that the Lodge is going to have a bath.  It will be deep enough for some serious wallowing, book reading and wine drinking (doesn’t everyone do that in their bath)  It won’t be really be big enough for two, but that is ok.  I mean someone has to keep the wine glass topped up (and dry the book off if it gets dropped)Image

While progress is happening, we have realised that our finish date of June was rather optimistic, so we are now hoping that we will be ready to rumble in July.  Which still isn’t that far away.  And it won’t be long until I will be able to post lots of exciting and interesting photos.  Who knows maybe one of me in the bath 🙂

Because I feel a little bit bad that I don’t have some more lodge photos, I will resort to a gorgeous girls photo.  Brett took this last Sunday, appropriately enough on Mother’s Day. 


I am blessed, and I am going to have a bath. 

And did I mention a wood burner fire place too?


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