My name is Natalie and I suffer from poor spatial awareness.  Which means I always manage to catch my hip on the side of a table, I can trip over things that are non existent and once even managed to nearly tip headfirst into a rubbish bin when I was leaning over a railing to throw some rubbish away.  But until recently I had never seriously hurt myself.  However on Wednesday afternoon I managed to “Klutz It Up” beautifully.

I tripped on a little pathway and fell right knee first onto some concrete.  I had the wonderful slow motion feeling of this won’t be good.  And then when I looked down I could see a deep gash and something white that I suspected was knee cap (it turned out to be tendon)  I did the lying on the ground whimpering thing for a while.  Realised that wasn’t getting results so I then hobbled along up the stairs to work.  Where team Intuto came into action, got me bandaged up and off to the local medical centre.  Where I was diagnosed as having a 4cm long laceration just below the knee and a small tear on the tendon.

I then discovered for myself all the benefits of living in New Zealand and having Accident Compensation.  I got great care and attention, an ambulance ride, stitching and drugs without having to open my wallet once.

So is what I have learned from the experience – so you don’t have to.

  • Spoodles are very cute and all, and look great in an Elf suit.  But they are bloody useless when you are lying on the ground in a big heap

Billie Elf                                      The dog above is not Lassie

  • Maybe if you have a Spoodle that runs away and means you have to retrieve her from a garden path, she isn’t ready to come to work.  Even if she looks Uber Cute in her Elf suit
  • A fully equipped first aid kit is a must at a work place (and some one who knows how to use it)
  • When someone says you are fine, but is going green around the gills when saying it, maybe you aren’t fine
  • Surgeons are good and all, but they do nasty stuff like pour pure alcohol into your wound to clean it.  This is not a nice thing
  • Spatial awareness does not improve when your leg is in a splint
  • It is possible to have a bath, but first you need a bath (thanks Crowne Plaza) and someone nice who is prepared to get in the bath with you and hold your leg up.  Thanks Brett.
  • Although Accident Compensation was great on the day of the incident, you need to follow up straight away and get a client number etc.  Because they certainly won’t be offering anything extra
  • I am very glad to live in a First World Country – even with it’s problems where I get access to antibiotics, tetanus shots and first rate medical care (even if alcohol was too liberally applied and not in the way I like)
  • I am actually not a complete sooky bubba.  The surgeon said I was very brave – although he didn’t give me a lollypop when I asked

Hurty knee This is known as a Zimmer splint.  I think because it always “Zims” down to the bottom of my ankle, and doesn’t stay in place

So my darlings that was my Wednesday last week.  I am on the mend now, back at work, making my poor colleagues run around after me (nothing new there) and should be able to have my stitches removed on Boxing Day – all going well.   I might need to book into the Crowne Plaza and have another special bath with my bath buddy to celebrate


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