Culling Friends

It was a big weekend here in Pt Chevalier.  This weekend I had a major cull of some of my most precious friends.  I am referring of course to my books.  I have always had a reasonable sized library of books.  I remember getting my first Famous Five for my 8th birthday.  And I was in 8 year old heaven.  I was allowed to lie in bed reading my Famous Five ( Five Run Away Together) and my book still has chocolate stains on the some of the pages.  Bed, Book, Birthday and Chocolate.  Does it get much better than that?  I think not.

Anyway, as I said I have always had a substantial book collection, which is fine when you are living in one place, but it does become problematic when you move around a lot as you do in your 20’s, 30’s and 40’s.  But I think books help make a home, so many of them have been lugged from pillar to post.  And for the last 5 years, since we have been in our house in Pt Chev, an awful lot of them have languished in their boxes.

Anyway, Mr Brett the designer (and cleaning God) of Pt Chev, has arranged for a beautiful book shelf to be built and it being installed in a couple of weeks.  So this weekend was the weekend to go though the boxes of my darlings and make the hard decisions of who was to go and who was to stay.


  • Angelique Series
  • Anything by Susan Howatch
  • Anything by Antonia Fraser
  • My Mitford Series – including all biographies, autobiographies etc pertaining to the Mitfords
  • 50 Shades of Grey Series (jokes)
  • Probably too many biographies and autobiographies
  • Enid Blytons
  • Care of Poodle books
  • The Twilight Series (not a joke sometimes a trashy vampire series is required reading)
  • Gorgeous Travel Books
  • The Hobbit


  • The Carpet Baggers.  Surely that belongs in a bach somewhere
  • Anything that I have read once but know I won’t pick up again
  • Travel books that have people living fabulous lives with the greatest of ease – yeah right
  • Books that relate to work or self improvement
  • Anything too depressing or worthy.  Let’s face it those books are coming out all the time I can always get more

Amazingly enough I filled 5 boxes with books that had to go.  I did bid them all a fond farewell, but there must be someone out there that needs them more than I do.  Thank you for entertaining me, educating me and in some cases infuriating me.        But you can do greater good out of your boxes and in the real world.  And if you help earn a $1 each for the local church fair, well even betterer.  (Atheist Lauren did wonder why I was helping out a church group – because they asked Lauren, and they will take my babies off their hands)

And I won’t be too distraught for as you can see,  a few are still left

PukapukaAnd there is always my Kobo that now has 135 books stored in it’s magical brain.

I will post photos when the book shelf goes up because I can assure you will be a thing of beauty.  Well and truly worthy of the Twilight Series and Angelique.








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