Billie Here

Hi, I noticed that there have been a couple of references to me in previous blogs.  So I just wanted to write something for myself.  I can use the internet, usually just for Christmas and Birthday shopping.  I am allowed free access to Natalie’s Fly Buy’s points and what a lot of fun I have with those. (Although you have been having to purchase replacement underwear and slippers with those points haven’t you?

Here is a photo of my basement apartment.  It cost a few dollars to get Mark the builder to put the concrete down and build the walls, and I was lucky enough to get given a nice little room to go into my apartment.  But to be honest, I only go there as a last resort, when the McFred’s are so deluded as to think they should go out without me.  Apparently my dearly departed sister Coco used to have a kennel with a run and would spend hours in there.  What is that about??? (Billie that is about Coco being a lovely dog, spending time at the farm and knowing that a kennel is a good thing)

This is my basement apartment that gets the afternoon sun.

Anyway once I managed to convince Mum and Dad that there wasn’t any sense in making me stay in my apartment overnight,  clever Brett made me a space under the telephone.  And in fact this weekend he even made a cunning little door for my boudoir, or Whare Kuri.  I like to think it has a kind of Maori Arts and Crafts vibe.  But Helen did point out they could just be Z’s for when I have a ZZZZZ.

My boudoir where I sleep at night

Yes that is a pure New Zealand wool blanket.  But as I like to think, if I am happy everyone is happy.

Anyway I was going to tell you about a typical day for me.  I am meant to get up at 6am like Brett does, but I do quite enjoy scratching on the door at 5:30 just to let everyone know it is the start of a lovely day.  And no I don’t want to go to the toilet or anything I just want the day to get started, and see if the people are really firm that I can’t see them till 6am. (and yes we are, although you annoy the hell out of us)

Then I like to spend the day doing the following activities.  This is of course if someone is home.  Otherwise I am exiled to my basement apartment – blah

  • Jumping on Lauren’s bed
  • Bringing my toys (especially the chew bones and hard spiky things) into the bedroom where people might stand on them
  • Watching Brett get dressed – he is magnificent naked
  • Playing with and hiding slippers.  (Actually Brett is missing one Billie and we can’t find it anywhere) 
  • Bringing snails, dead things and seeds into the house
  • Sleeping
  • Scratching so they think I have something wrong with me so I get to see my friend the vet.  She is always so nice and friendly.  Although sometimes Mum seems a bit stressed.  (That is because it cost a fortune everytime we go there)
  • Guarding the heater
  • Moving Lauren’s lingerie from the floor of her room to the floor of the lounge – and if I can improve her underwear by removing any catches well then yes I will
  • Jumping on Mum and Dad’s bed if no one is watching

Then the big people come home and I get taken for my daily constitutional.  One is good, two would be better – it isn’t like you don’t need the exercise Mum (just saying)

Then at about 8pm Mum goes off to bed with a book, (she is such a Nana) and I like to come and keep her company in the bedroom.  Mainly so Dad has to come and pick me up and take me to the Kuri Whare.  If he has had a little bit to drink I even get called Sweet Pea, which is kind of cute really.

Here I am with some of my toys.  But honestly nothing beats a nice slipper, my cow horn or a snail – especially if I can have them inside

Anyway these are the sort of things I get up to.  I have a pretty sweet life really.  I am looking forward to Christmas up at the farm, and playing with Grandad’s dog Oscar.  Nana’s dog Denny likes to growl at me, but that is probably because she has to stay outside while I am inside (hahaha)


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